Eyeglass Frame Materials

Different eyeglass frame materials greatly expand your options for a new look. While shopping for new eyeglasses or sunglasses, ask your optician for advice about variety in colors, durability, lightness, favorite brands, hypoallergenic materials, uniqueness and price.

In fact, finding eyeglasses with the qualities that are most important to you could be as simple as choosing the right frame material because each type has its own unique strengths.

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Lens Options for Eyeglasses

The lenses you choose for your eyeglasses — even more than frames — often will determine how happy you are with your eyewear.

And buying eyeglass lenses is not an easy task. In fact, in a recent issue, Consumer Reports magazine said, “There are so many choices for lenses and coatings, it’s easy to be confused about what’s worth buying.”

This buying guide will help you cut through the hype about different types of eyeglass lenses and help you choose lenses and coatings that offer the best features and value for your needs.

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Men’s Eyeglass Frames

Comfort, fit and durability rank high with men when it comes to choosing their eyeglasses. While men are concerned with style, they won’t forsake comfort and fit just to look good. Men have their own tastes, but it may be a wife, girlfriend or significant other who will influence the final style or color of the frame.

About 88 percent of the respondents to a survey by The Vision Council* indicated that the comfort and fit of the eyeglasses was the most important factor in choosing an eyeglass frame, while 59 percent said that the durability of the eyeglasses was most important to them.

When asked what adds value to their eyewear choice, 52 percent of the survey respondents said that spring hinges (which prevent you from stretching the fit of your eyeglasses) are most important. About half said frames that are flexible and bend so they won’t break easily (such as those made of Marchon’s Flexon material, for example) are most important.

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Specialty Eyewear

Specialty eyewear — eyeglasses designed specifically for certain tasks — can help you optimize your vision for nearly any scenario.

While “one size fits all” might be true in some situations, it’s rare that one pair of eyeglasses is suitable in all circumstances. Examples of specialty eyewear include computer glasses, driving glasses and protective eyewear.

According to a survey by The Vision Council, the most important reasons for purchasing specialty eyewear include:

  • For a specific activity such as computer use, work, hobbies, sports or driving.
  • To see better in general.
  • For the safety features that create an increased enjoyment of sports by protecting eyes from harm.
  • For cosmetic reasons or because the wearer wants a different look.

Can you benefit from specialty eyewear? The descriptions below should help you decide.

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The Basics of Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses may be ancient in their origins. But in many ways, they are more popular than ever, despite recent innovations in contact lenses and vision correction surgery.

Frame styles branded with high profile designer names like Calvin Klein, Jones New York, and Marc Jacobs continue to be in demand. And even for youngsters who might ordinarily dread the “nerd” factor of wearing eyeglasses, popular fiction characters like the bespectacled young wizard, Harry Potter, have become role models.

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Women’s Eyeglass Frames

Women’s eyeglasses and frames are available in many shapes and sizes to suit individual tastes. When you visit an optical shop, picking out just the right frame for the look you love can be confusing. These tips will make your eyewear shopping easier and more fun:

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