Children’s Vision

Are Contact Lenses a Good Choice for Kids?

Are contact lenses safe for children?

Parents frequently ask eye doctors this question when kids first express an interest in wearing contacts. But a child’s maturity and ability to handle contact lenses responsibly is more important than age alone.

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Children’s Vision FAQs

Q: My grandson got his glasses at age 10. Now, at 11, he can’t see the chalkboard at school. Could he need a new prescription so soon? — C.

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Controlling Nearsightedness in Children

If your child has myopia (nearsightedness), you’re probably wondering if there is a cure — or at least something that can be done to slow its progression so your child doesn’t need stronger glasses year after year.

For years, eye care practitioners and researchers have been wondering the same thing. And there’s good news: A number of recent studies suggest it may indeed be possible to at least control myopia by slowing its progression during childhood and among teenagers. For More …

Learning-Related Vision Problems

Vision and learning are intimately related. In fact, experts say that roughly 80 percent of what a child learns in school is information that is presented visually. So good vision is essential for students of all ages to reach their full academic potential.

When children have difficulty in school — from learning to read to understanding fractions to seeing the blackboard — many parents and teachers believe these kids have vision problems.

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Vision Therapy for Children

Vision therapy is perhaps one of the most controversial topics in vision care.

Some eye doctors are strong advocates for vision therapy and testify to its benefits — especially for certain vision problems of children. But other eye doctors are not convinced of vision therapy’s effectiveness and do not recommend it.

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Your Infant’s Visual Development

One of the greatest moments when having a child is the first time your newborn daughter or son opens their eyes and makes eye contact with you. But don’t be concerned if that doesn’t happen right away.

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